What is EBAN Malaga 2017 Where Investors Meet the Future

The EBAN Annual Congress is one of Europe’s largest and most international business angel events held annually by EBAN in cooperation with its best members. After 17 successful editions of the event, the last of which in Eindhoven 2015 and Porto 2016, this year’s edition of the event is coming to Malaga on the 7-9 of June 2017 and will be hosted by the City of Malaga and Promalaga at the grand Palacio de ferias y congresos de Malaga.

The EBAN Annual Congress 2017 will be a spring of new ideas and trends, bringing together the world’s most eminent business angels, entrepreneurs and opinion makers, and enabling networking and dealmaking with experts in the field. We are expecting more than 500 participants from the early stage investing market as well as 100 startups from all over Europe and beyond.

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RTE - Cross-Border Investment Success and Cross-Border Angel Fund:



Who says that cross-border investments are difficult?  Who says that putting together an angel investment fund across Europe cannot be done ?  We did all of this in an 18 month period from scratch to finish.  We have seen the success of the program and I am very proud of EBAN for having incubated Rising Tide Europe and brought it to success.


2 % Carry for EBAN on RTE 1 and RTE 2:  


**As you may have read, we are now on our second fund.  As with the last fund, EBAN receives 2 % carry and I am hoping that in the coming years, this will be a real source of revenue for EBAN as we go from strength to strength and also focus on Angel Funds, like you are yourselves doing.  As President of EBAN, I of course have renounced all carry or reimbursements for RTE 1 and RTE 2 and am however a full-fledged paid-in investor :-) .


Final Stretch for the closing of RTE 2 and still need a few member/investors to reach our goal of 1 million Euros and hopefully surpass it:  


We are now coming in for the final stretch of the. closing of RTE 2 and are still missing a few member/investors to join RTE 2 and allow us to reach our goal of 1 million Euros and hopefully surpass it.


EBAN Member invested companies are a major source of Deal Flow:  


**As you know, one of our main sources of Deal Flow is from EBAN members.  In RTE 1 we invested in 4 companies, i.e. one half of all our RTE investments,  in which our EBAN Member and EBAN Member Networks had already invested, allowing them to finish their rounds with a quality, unique investor like RTE.


**I would be very grateful if you could circulate with a personal letter not only to AEBAN but to your wider network the information below about how to join RTE 2 and be part of not only making history but investing in the future !  A number of my male colleagues have introduced their wives and daughters to RTE and they love it.